shopfitting-bannerWhen it comes to establishing and running a business, everything is a challenging endeavor. From the moment a concept is developed, to meeting its day to day demands, growing your business from a simple idea into something sustainable and profitable will require your full attention and a huge amount of your time, energy, and resources.

There is a long list of things to do. A business plan has to be developed, funds have to be secured, details about the products and services have to be finalized, marketing strategies have to be all set, and daily operations have to be properly managed. Although these are all important, there are still a few aspects of your business you might be overlooking. An example of this is your retail environment.

The atmosphere and ambiance of your store also plays an important role in the success of your business. Aside from being instrumental in your business image, your interior space can also make an impact in your connection with potential customers.

Ealing Outdoor Shopfitting is here to help you transform your commercial space and give your business the perfect look and feel. We take pride in our two decades of experience in all kinds of fit-outs including commercial fit outs, office fit outs, and retail fit outs.  Our seasoned and highly-skilled shopfitters can turn visions for your business into a polished reality. We are committed into being more than just contractors and we strive to develop close working relationships with our clients to be able to deliver quality output with a personal touch – something many shopfitters in the UK simply cannot offer.

Working with Ealing Outdoor Shopfitting means you are guaranteed of receiving top-notch interior fit out services performed only by dedicated and experienced professionals. Not only that, you can also rest assured that we use only the highest quality shopfitting supplies to make sure that our high standards for craftsmanship will reflect on your finished space.


The most successful businesses are those that offer one-of-a-kind product and services, along with the kind of quality customer care that no other business can offer. However, it is also of great importance that your store’s environment reflects the identity and individuality of your business.

Ealing Outdoor Shopfitting is more than just a fit-out contractor. Unlike other shopfitting companies, we will assess each project according to the unique needs of our clients’ business to be able to deliver more than just a generic finished space but a physical space that’s tailored to meet your specific needs.

Turn your space into your ideal selling environment with the help of highly qualified shopfitters, experienced contractors, and specialists in lighting, electrical, flooring, and carpentry. Whatever vision you have for your business space, they can transform it into a reality. We will build you a retail space that will help you sell your merchandise, an office fit-out that will balance professionalism and your business’ unique personality, or a restaurant, bar, or café space that will keep guests coming back for more.


There is more to an interior space’s design than its physical location for products to be displayed and customers to check out. The environment and ambiance that your business exudes can help grow your business and following while giving your profit margin a boost. It may not always be obvious, but having the right floor layout, organization, lighting, colors, and other architectural and design elements can affect the way customers feel when they are inside your store and towards your products or services.  The experts at Ealing Outdoor Shopfitting along with the guys at Shopfitters Manchester will help you build an interior space that will not only enhance your business model and objective, but maximize your success as well.

Every retail store, restaurant, or bar aims to get customers in. The moment you make them feel comfortable, it’ll be easier to motivate them purchase a product or service, and make them want to come back as well. Having a fit-out designed and built by Ealing Outdoor Shopfitting will make your store look inviting to customers, making your merchandise more accessible to them. Aside from having an atmosphere that reflects the personality of your business, you will also get to display goods in the best possible way while keeping your stock room and back areas organized. Your customer’s positive experience while being in your space will make them feel more at ease in purchasing what you offer and coming back for more.